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Поверка и калибровка

Verification is the totality of the operations of legal entities accredited for verification by metrological services for the purpose of determining the capacity and calibration of reservoirs, the compilation and approval of a calibration table.

The calibration table is the dependence of capacity on the level of the tank filling at the normalized temperature. The table is attached to the certificate of verification of the tank and is used to determine the volume of liquid in it.

The calibration of the reservoir is an operation to establish the dependence of the reservoir capacity on the level of its filling performed by organizations that are accredited for the right to verify by metrological services of legal entities when released from production or repair and during operation.

Metrological service of the company "Neftgazkipavtomatika" performs periodic verification by the geometric method of steel, horizontal and vertical cylindrical tanks, as well as periodic testing of process pipelines. Measurement range from 3 cubic meters to 5000 cubic meters

Our calibration laboratory is equipped with modern software, certified by the All-Russian Scientific and Research Institute of Flow Measurement in Kazan.

The final result of the calibration is graded tables:

  •     vertical and horizontal tanks;
  •     vessels;
  •     pipelines;

    compilation of calibration tables, using specially designed programs.

Our company guarantees you high professionalism of work with the help of the most modern equipment (liquid meter SATAM). All this makes the diagnosis in "Neftgazkipavtomatika" unique in terms of accuracy and quality. The employees of our company are highly qualified specialists, they have all the relevant certificates confirming the level of their competence. "Neftgazkipavtomatika" has the official permission of the Agency "Uzstandart" and is accredited in "Uzbekkakkredetatsiya".


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