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Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation is the industry's largest manufacturer and seller of hand power tools and Heavy Duty accessories for professional professionals around the world.
Milwaukee was founded in 1924 by EF Siebert in order to produce the first lightweight one-hand drill with a 1/4 inch cartridge, known as the "Hole-Shooter". And since that time she has been steadily supporting her reputation as an innovator. In 1949, the development of a unique small-angle corner drill was completed, in 1951 - the first self-contained electric hob Sawzall®, in 1970 a high-torque drill Hole-Hawg® was produced - and it should be added that all these tools became the industry standard for contract construction organizations . In 1991, after half a year of serious testing, the Super Sawzall® saber saw was manufactured at 1000 watts and 0 - 2800 strokes / min, that is, with the best performance in the industry.

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