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PPG Industries has been one of the leaders in the world industry for more than 130 years in the production of materials for anti-rust, waterproof, waterproof, heat-resistant, heat-insulating and chemical protection materials with such world brands as Amerlock, Amercoat and Sigma Coatings.

PPG produces high-quality paint and varnish materials that meet the requirements of operation in any climatic conditions and in any aggressive environments, such as light and dark oil products, acids or other chemicals, water and so on.

Protective systems PPG Industries offer a variety of materials and are selected as a complex effective solution to corrosion problems by LUKOIL, Yukos, Tengizchevroil, TNK, Kazakhoil, NASA (USA) to protect the launch structure of the cosmodrome.

A wide range of PPG Industries materials is used in almost all spheres of industry - oil and gas production and processing, chemical, metallurgical, shipbuilding, railway and road transport, construction, etc. The company's production is worldwide and certified by ISO 9001.

Metal structures used in construction must be reliably protected from environmental influences and, first of all, from corrosion. Corrosion of metal is a physicochemical reaction of a material with the environment, under the influence of which the properties of the metal change. This process leads to metal damage or corrosion.

Anticorrosive materials based on epoxy, polyurethane, and other classes of resins provide maximum protection of concrete, steel against corrosive, chemical, mechanical impact, high radiation, etc.

A wide range of coatings includes organic primers, intermediate and surface formulations for use in a variety of environments.

PPG paint and varnish coatings have several advantages over other types of protective materials:

ease of application;
possibility of processing metal structures of large dimensions and complex configuration;
coatings are economical, have high protective properties, they can be restored during operation;
the possibility of obtaining a coating of any color;
cheap in comparison with other types of protective coatings.

PPG coatings are easy to use and process efficient and are represented by the following types of coatings.

Fire-retardant materials provide active protection of metal coatings from the effects of open fire to 600 C0 by swelling and forming a thick protective layer with a protection period of up to 90 minutes.

Aviation coatings are a wide choice of interior and exterior coatings of the highest quality created for the aircraft manufacturing industry. Coatings have excellent shock and chemically resistant characteristics, improve aerodynamic properties.

Architectural coatings are provided by the widest range of coatings for exterior and interior decoration of residential and office buildings, industrial buildings and facilities.

The company LLC "Neftgazkipavtomatika" offers you services for applying road marking in parking lots, open parking lots, airfields, runways, sports grounds, yards.


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