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Компрессорное оборудование


Our company is the supplier of the compressor equipment of the company  Ingersoll-Rand.

Ingersoll Rand is an American company that manufactures industrial equipment. More than 135 years the company has been leading in the fields of preparation and production of compressed air, compressor equipment and blowers, pumps, hoisting machines, hoists and winches.

Ingersoll Rand is the leader in the field of air compressors and accessories for compressed air systems. We understand the needs and requirements for compressed air systems, as well as the needs of your enterprise in compressed air, which you face every day. High energy costs and limited reserves require an increase in the reliability and efficiency of not only the air compressor, but also the entire compressed air system.

Ingersoll Rand distributes  products and services to customers either directly or through distributors in approximately 200 countries around the world. Provides products, services and solutions to increase the efficiency and productivity of industrial,  improve the safety and comfort of people around the world. We thank you for your interest in Ingersoll Rand compressor equipment.

Industrial enterprises in the territory of Russia, the CIS countries and the Baltic use the compressor equipment of the company "Ingersoll-Rand" from the beginning of the century. The first office in Russia was opened in 1903. At present, more than 500 screw and more than 100 centrifugal compressors of the company are used in Russia and CIS countries. The company pays much attention to the quality of both the product itself and the service.

Industrial compressors supplied by our company to Uzbekistan are produced in factories in England, USA, Italy, Poland and the Czech Republic.


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